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Care Advice

Wash & Care

Proper lingerie care is essential for long lasting bras and panties and should be done carefully, keeping in mind these things:

• Our items are precious, so hand washing is preferred over washing in machine.
• Alcohol free detergents will be best.
• Wash light and dark colours separately.
• To help cups keep their shape, store in your lingerie drawer on top of other padded bras – cup on cup.
• It’s best to use cool water when you are hand washing them, as hot water can damage delicate fabrics like lace, embroidery, ornaments, bindings and elastic.
• Hang drying lingerie is a must.
• We also advise that you dry your under-wired garments away from direct heat, as radiators and tumble dryers can also damage and degrade the wires.
• Rotate your bras daily so the elastic has time to recover.
• Wear your bra only once between washing’s.
• Roll your bra through a clean, dry towel to remove excess water – don’t twist it.
• Bleach is especially dreadful for your bra’s shelf life.


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